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CAME, a global manufacturer of gate and door entry systems, was in need of a robust eCommerce website, that automated a number of previously manual and labour intensive processes involved in selling it’s training courses online.

The completed website, a bespoke WordPress theme, manages the entire process. It allows the client to schedule training courses and sell places based on location and availability. Once the course is in progress the trainer can login, grade candidates and have completion certificates automatically produced and emailed to the attendees. The system also manages the CAMESAFE accreditation database, keeping track of expired installers and emailing reminders when refresher courses are due.

My role in leading this project involved collaborating with CAME’s in-house design team and working as lead developer from start to finish. I also met with the marketing director throughout the project to present our progress, and completed a number of CMS training sessions with various departments within CAME.

Front Page On Screen
Front Page Full
Course Page On Screen
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